Wallflower - MANIFEST



12" Vinyl UK

Rebirth / Reb099

Front View : Wallflower - MANIFEST (GERD JANSON & LAUER / RAMPA REMIXES) - Rebirth / Reb099
Back View : Wallflower - MANIFEST (GERD JANSON & LAUER / RAMPA REMIXES) - Rebirth / Reb099

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Fresh from the success of *Say You Wont Ever*, Wallflower return with their second single *Manifest*, an ode to honouring what naturally unfolds through surrendering to the Process, not to be confused with having manifest intent of a desired outcome consistently held in the minds eye.

Leah Floyeur's vibrant piano and Alison Marks' haunting and
mantric vocals combine beautifully with the deeper moody strings to produce a delicately illuminating piece.

The package includes a couple of strong re-interpretations.

On the A Side by Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer team up again for Rebirth to deliver a mix set to become a classic, combining an old school house feeling with a pulsing disco bass and atmospheric pads.

The vocals shine once more on what is sure to become a real dance-floor filler ! On the B side, Keinemusik's boss Rampa creates a strong remix combining raw percussion and tambourine with an intense synth line to build tension and energy. [info from ju]
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