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Dixon Avenue Basement Jams / DABJ-1203

Front View : VernoN - CHICKEN DANCE (BLUE VINYL) - Dixon Avenue Basement Jams / DABJ-1203
Back View : VernoN - CHICKEN DANCE (BLUE VINYL) - Dixon Avenue Basement Jams / DABJ-1203

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The E.P kicks off with She Can Dance, a slow burning acid number that has elements of deep, grooving House from the Detroit school. In fact, the second cut Low Control bares the influence of Detroit too, with its murky, dubbed-out chords ala Luke Hess moving into a punchy bassline with minimal but functional drum patterns. Proceedings get a bit more bouncy on The Smoking Hat, a quirky acid romp on the less daft side of Ceephax, and the perfect soundtrack to accompany a feature-length documentary about.... a smoking hat. Finishing up the E.P is Fudge Fingas remix of Low Control, the only man qualified to make an already deep as fuck track even deeper. Theres been some on-point criticisms about a lot recent deep stuff getting lost in noodly Jazz territory, but we are in no danger of that nonsense with Fudge Fingas at the controls: accomplished a musician he may be, hes never been one to lose the way, and this mix proves his deft and subtle remix talents. DABJ done done it again, and hopefully this is the first in a long line of productions from VernoN.

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