Various Artists - VOLUPTE AMERE

Various Artists


12" Vinyl FR

Imported Recordings / IMPRTD004

Front View : Various Artists - VOLUPTE AMERE - Imported Recordings / IMPRTD004
Back View : Various Artists - VOLUPTE AMERE - Imported Recordings / IMPRTD004

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Nach langer Abwesenheit feiert Imported Recordings ein Comeback. Es präsentiert Volupté Amère, eine facettenreiche EP die auf das Ambiente in Clubs, Urlaubern am Strand und der Familie Zuhause zugeschnitten ist. Nach der Veröffentlichung einer letzten EP -Vague Aléatoire- im Jahr 2018 klingt dieses neue Werk wie eine Rückkehr zu den Wurzeln.

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After a long absence, Imported Recordings celebrates his return and comes back to his first love, presenting "Volupté Amère", an EP featuring their vision of house music: a multifaceted music tailored to ambience crowds in clubs, vacationers at the beach, and family at home.

After releasing a last EP "Vague Aléatoire" in 2018, this new opus sounds like a return to the roots.

The EP offers a "guest" half with two tracks from the demos we receive during the year. The first one, signed Martin Alix, is an ode to the dancefloor that will bring together fans of powerful bass and strong beats. The second track, deeper, is signed by the Italian Steve Hammer, and shines by the efficiency of his extended break that quickly plunges the audience into a state of trance.

The second half is worn by artists from the big Imported family. The first one is a nugget that could already be described as a classic house signed Major League House, a melancholic track carried by a piano that takes you straight to your guts. Another talent of the house, Matthieu Faubourg gives us the pleasure to sign, just like MLH, a first track on the label. Evolutive and club oriented track, we recognize in "Swell" the characteristic paw of the French producer in this heady track which rhymes with rise in pressure and explosion. [info sheet from distr.]
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