Various Artists - OMBRA INTL 010

Various Artists


12" Vinyl UK

Ombra International / OMBRAINTL010

Front View : Various Artists - OMBRA INTL 010 - Ombra International / OMBRAINTL010
Back View : Various Artists - OMBRA INTL 010 - Ombra International / OMBRAINTL010

Huge support by Mateo Gonzalez, Ewan Pearson,Red Axes, Jennifer Cardini and more

Mexico (Mufti and Colossio), France (Cornelius Doctor), and Germany (Sebastian Voigt) unite on the 10th Ombra International release.

Hammer hits glass. Glass goes smash. Thunder and lightning, return to the future.

DJ Feedback:

Craig Bratley (Instruments of Rapture/ Robsoul) - nice! the Mufti track stands out for me

Mateo Gonzalez (Bufi / Ritmo Culto (Kitsuné, Correspondant, Record Makers, Turbo)) - Great stuff as usual!

Peza (Magic Feet / A&R edits) - Some great sounds here!! Really like Mufti - Control. Great!

Emperor Machine (Various) - Bloody Brilliant all of it !

Strapontin (Sinchi Collective, Optimo Music DD, Nein, I'm a Cliché, La Belle) - Cool release !!

Donald Dust (Enter Planet Dust / Bordello A Parigi / Kurtz) - Dope release! The Cornelius Doctor track wins for me, love the snappy synths and simmons drums. Big!

Tushen Rai & Cornelius Doctor (Hard First Records / Tom Tom Disco) - i like to move it move it

Marc Pinol (Hivern Discos / Astrolab) - Eco is my favourite!

Ewan Pearson (Soma) - Soft Rocket & Control are lot of fun

Justin Robertson - fabulous love it

Jennifer Cardini (Crosstown Rebels / Dirt Crew / Correspondent) - GOOOOOOOOD!

Red Axes (I'm a Cliche) - Thanks!

Philippe Binda (Club Bizarre) - Great release.

Tepat Huleux (You Man (Alpage Records)) - Mufti control is amazing :) can't wait to play it !

Sebastian Chenut (Scratch Massive) - Magnificent

Curses (Rinse France / Ombra INTL / Dischi Autunno) sucks.

Peo Watson (Family Name, Magazine Club) - Like It!

Guido le Saint (2CV) - sebastian rules.

Neil Scott (El Diablo Social Club) - Nice ep. will be playing all the tracks especially Soft Rocket

Marco Antao (SwitchSt(d)ance (Lux Club)) - love it!

Severino Panzetta (Horse Meat Disco) – Interesting

Matt Walsh (Turbo) - love the mufti track!

Terr (Permanent Vacation / Correspondant / Clash Lion / Hotflush.) - All tracks are great! will play them for sure!

Italo Brutalo (Days of Being Wild / Nein) - Mufti´s Remix is great! Will drop that!

Uninc and Kolomensky (Sulk Magic, Tom Tom Disco) - interesting sound on Sebastian Voigt track

Phred Noir (La Dame Noir) - biggest love & support is right here !

Reza Athar - I really love Sebastian's track

Billy Scurry (Dublin) - Great release and great representation of the sonic sound of Ombra. Cornelius going from strength to strength

Neil Parnell (Tronik Youth) - killer ep loving mufti and cornelius doctor

Jonathan Kusuma (I'm a Cliche Records) - Fireee !!

Rotciv (Live at Robert Johson / Luv Shack) - Cornelius and Mufti <3 love it!

Andrew Claristidge (Acid Washed (Records makers)) - Voigt is my fav´:)

Diego Cortez Salas (DC Salas / Polar) - fire!

Sean Johnston (Hardway Bros, A Love From Outer Space, Disco Bloodbath) - All nice but Mufti the winner!

Voytek Korab (My Favorite Robot) - Cool EP thanks! Seb Voigt one is my fav but I dig all the cuts.

Duncan Gray (Tici Taci) - Interesting selection...I'm digging the Mufti track first and foremeost

Demian (Correspondant/Clouded Vision) - Awesome!! S.Voigt is crazy!! Thx D.

Il Est Vilaine (Dialect Recordings) - The Sebastian Voigt track is great !!
Inigo Vontier (Her Majesty's Ship, Mix Le Fun, La Dame Noir, Correspondant) - Cool comp papi

Yan Wagner (UNO / Pschent) - superb release! especially like Soft Rocket and Eco.

Julien Barthe (Plaisir de France, Pro-Zak Trax) - Mufti - Control - Ombra International

Sinchi (Night Noise Music) - Love it!

Chekov (Peach Discs/Cong Burn) - love this, thank you!!

Cosmo Vitelli (Various) - Sebastian Voigt's is my fave! Love it

Did Virgo (La dame Noir / The Exquisite Pain / Play Pal / Emerald & Doreen) - Mufti - Control For me

Cardopusher (Zone / Boysnoize) - Great release !! My favs are Cornelius Doctor and Mufti ?? Ombra Intl never dissapoint! Nice one Luca !

Shinnoskey Chida (Correspondant ) - I'll play Sebastian Voigt - EX2! Heavy! Colossio track also good for me.

Chris Fortier (Thoughtless / Sullivan Room / Balance) - sounds good

Maxime Pasquier (POPULETTE (Throne Of Blood/Turbo etc)) – killer

Gameboyz (Clouded Vision / Relish) - Nice ep!

Freudenthal (NEIN Records) - Nice!

La Mano (Through Gods Own Eyes) - Mufti track the standout here for me, lovely work

The Two Mamarrachos (Nein Records) - Nice ep, thanks, my favourite track is Cornelius Doctor - Soft Rocket...

Sam Berdah (Club Bizarre) - Killer release

Pin Up Club (NEIN / Bordello a Parigi / Relish Recordings) - Now that's what I call a banger: Cornelius putting a fist up, ACE! Also Voigt going straight into my next Red Light Radio Show! Thanks, Love from Amsterdam!

Jorkes (Freeride Millenium) - Fantastic in every way. All of it.

Juan Soto (Nang / Electrique) - Honestly i have enough music like voigts and colossio tracks, it means almost nothing for me, i ondly find interesting the drop part... i think that in general these 2 tracks needs more identity, like mufti's and cornelius doctor !

Damon Jee (days of being wild, nein, clouded vision) - again a fucking hot various, support

Mufti (Her Majestys Ship) - Glad to be in this :) Thx Luca [info sheet from distr.]
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