Various Artists - DUET LAYERS


12 Inch

7K! / 05234751

Front View : Various Artists - DUET LAYERS (LP) - 7K! / 05234751
Back View : Various Artists - DUET LAYERS (LP) - 7K! / 05234751
A1: Hania Rani & Colin Stetson - In All This Heavy Blue
A2: Stefano Guzzetti & Neil Leiter (Echo Collective) - Lost
A3: Simon Goff & Dobrawa Czocher - Appearing
B1: Niklas Paschburg & Bryan Senti - Jungle
B2: Peter Zummo & Tilman Robinson - Thought Sent Valley
B3: Laura Masotto & Ryan Teague - Perseids

The first vinyl release from 7K!’s Layers compilation series - a collaborative record to present the range of contemporary classical music.

The Layers are a collection of compilations by 7K! Records to support a range of contemporary classical music. Duet Layers pays tribute to the first edition of Piano Layers, String Layers, Ambient Layers and Wind Layers. In this new compilation, each track is made up of two musicians merging their musical expressions together. The result is a collaborative record between twelve of the most interesting artists from around the world, sharing their sonic landscapes. Featuring: Hania Rani, Colin Stetson, Niklas Paschburg, Bryan Senti, Simon Goff, Dobrawa Czocher to name a few. [info sheet from distr.]
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