Travis Scott - ASTROWORLD

Travis Scott


2x12" Vinyl D

Epic / 19075888361

Front View : Travis Scott - ASTROWORLD (2LP) - Epic / 19075888361
Back View : Travis Scott - ASTROWORLD (2LP) - Epic / 19075888361
A1: Stargazing
A2: Carousel
A3: Sicko Mode
B1: R.I.P Screw
B2: Stop Trying To Be God
B3: No Bystanders
B4: Skeletons
C1: Wake Up
C2: 5% Tint
C3: NC-17
C4: Astrothunder
C5: Yosemite
D1: Can't Say
D2: Who? What!
D3: Butterfly Effect
D4: Houstonfornication
D5: Coffee Bean

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