Tom Dice


12" Vinyl lp UK

Dont Bite / DBRLTDEDLP010

Front View : Tom Dice - RHYTHMS OF DICE (LP) - Dont Bite / DBRLTDEDLP010
Back View : Tom Dice - RHYTHMS OF DICE (LP) - Dont Bite / DBRLTDEDLP010

The debut album from Tom Dice as limited vinyl edition of 200 copies.

Don't Bite Records are happy to announce the release of producer/rapper Tom Dice's solo LP. The witty title has been more than prophetic. These are not just rhythms of Dice but rhythms of life. Reflection, auto biography and idiosyncricity are abundant, as shown on the final track, 'Irrepressible'. “Put on a uniform, conform ,consume, dance to another man's tune that's off key. That never was and never will be the essence of a man like T.o.m D".

From 'The Death of Me''s dark refrain “How ironic I died from a shock electronic…..clutching at the MPC, finally….. music got the better of me, the energy”, we know that Dice is fearless in pushing the envelope and the boundaries of what can be lyrically possible. However Dice acknowledges his influences and the importance of their recognition on 'Authentic'.

On 'Tears Run Dry' Tom touches on feelings of alienation: “I’m not a loser cos I can’t win, I’m just an outsider still looking in” whereas on 'Feelings' he examines the connection between emotion and physical feeling. “Feelings- computers don’t have it, They try to emulate that basic human magic”

On the LP Rhythms of Dice and particularly the track 'Rhythms of Dice' he is rhyming from a producers point of view .“All you guys who do like 6 tracks a good are they? You need to focus your mind or really just stay...wondering....You heard my beat in a studio and just wandered in?”

Tom is ably assisted by long time collaborators/ label mates The Phantom and Jumpsteady. While he explores the exploitation of the thug genre on 'Thug killer', he also comes with a new style on 'Interchange' where he and Jumpsteady rap the first 4 bars of each others rhymes causing 1, seamless, verse.

We hope you enjoy this tenth release from Don't Bite Records which continues to strive for individual style and originality and embrace our motto that "Only pirates take that which is not yet theirs!" [info from label]
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