Smokin Jo


12" Vinyl BE

Area Remote / Area020

Front View : Smokin Jo - NATIVE DANCE - Area Remote / Area020
Back View : Smokin Jo - NATIVE DANCE - Area Remote / Area020

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Amsterdam imprint AREA REMOTE specialises in showcasing the latest sounds from abroad - plus welcomes the newest rising stars from Amsterdam. For our 20th release we welcome back Smokin Jo, one of the most talented DJs and producers to emerge from the British dance music scene. Jos undeniable cutting edge sound has carved her a niche in clubland, enabling her to spin around the globe, playing at many of the major clubs.

NATIVE DANCE is a drum thumping, tribal infused techhouse treat. Expressive percussion, muted chants propelled along with powerful snippets from a speech to rally the (clubbing) crowds. Its steeped in world spice to cook any dancefloor.
NOW WHAT is a hard-hitting danceslammer with a pumping bassline and gritty, in-your-face lyrics courtesy of a Latino lady with attitude. [area020_info from nw]
Steve Rachmad: Native Dance is my fav here!
Sandy Huner: I'm becoming a big fan of Smoking Jo, love it! Native Dance is the one for me
D Julz: I like the oldhool vibe on now what ... yo mira!;) strong ep
Joseph Capriati: another nice release from Smoking Jo! will play it!
Den Ishu: this sounds sooo REAL !!! full support...
Luciano: Full support
Gideon Bouwens: Nice release. Clean and simple tracks.... native dance favourite
Shinedoe: Support!
Delete: Nice tracks from smokin jo!!! will test them out!!!
Diogo (Edge Brazil): Now What is nice
Jan Prins: BIG !
Christan Hausmann: haha, like the funny track now what! edgy stuff!
Markus Fix: great release, wanna play for sure....
Federico Molinari: nice ep
Dan Drastic: now what is massive.
2000 and One: Now what is a killer old skool tune!!!
Meat: super cool ep! will play all 3 tracks...4 sure!!! cheers
Kabale und Liebe: great release! been dropping Now What for a while now, always with good results. Full support
Arado: i like it.... will try it this weekend
Radio Slave: wow....I'm still playing her last this ! Will be banging these all night long ! thanx Jo and Area R.... mattx
Nekes: Great . Full support
David Labeij: Now what!!!! What a bomb!!! full full support!
Anthony Collins: native dance is nice
Livio: Hello Jo Full support !
Julien Chaptal: Wicked release! I have already been playing Now What for a while, Native dance will get a lot of play from me as well. Thx.
Gregor Tresher: now what´s funny, will play
Size: Thanks for this funky groover, really nice!
Thomas Schumacher: Awesome stuff here, I dig all 3 tracks, Now What probably my fave. Ace :-)
Einzelkind: now what: bassline gives a nice oldschool feeling, will play !
Kiki: "native dance" gets the groove going on!
Gabriele Baldi: Nice release, now what is for me! Full support
makcim: like "now what"!will play!
Monika Kruse: now that has a nice groove!
Nick Curly: very good release from smoking jo. like it a lot. big teeth is my fav
Daniel Sanchez: now whattttttt ;)
Riva Starr: Native Dance for me
Alfredo: native dance- nice one. This tracks is for advanced listeners only. what a groove, dirty and deep. will play for sure. Now what- nice one, not as storng though as native dance Big teeth- will play this one.
DJ Madskillz: smokin jo rocks!
Dave Ellesmere: haha turn this fucking usic up you dego ...super phat deep tracks here someone call the fire brigade cause smoking jo is about to ignite ! full rotation !!
Gideon Bouwens: Nice release. Clean and simple tracks.... native dance favourite
Lauhaus: fat release! been playing "now what" a lot, but all tracks will be in my playlist. full support!
Martinez dope tunes... thnx!
Boris Werner : My fav is Now What, like the energy of the vocal and the beats.. Wouldnt want to run into her in a dark alley ;)
Roby :Very nice release! [area020_feed from nw]
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