12" Vinyl D

Elusive / ELSVREC028

Front View : Slavaki - ESCALATOR EP (LTD 180G VINYL) - Elusive / ELSVREC028
Back View : Slavaki - ESCALATOR EP (LTD 180G VINYL) - Elusive / ELSVREC028

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Elusive Rec head honcho, Slavaki, claims back the label-reigns for the next instalment of signature Elusive quality material. The EP comes in shape of a 180g vinyl limited to 300 numbered copies and is moments away from becoming a collectors item, not to mention that it is being made available well ahead of a digital release. Dont sleep on it! 4 track offering is compiled of entirely new material that exhibits Slavakis constantly evolving sound and is bound to pleasantly surprise both the fans of his sold out debut LP and the new audience alike. The opening In Circles is a pulsating experimental minimal groove that miraculously resolves into a lush sonorous landscape. Sunday Rain takes the listeners on a wondrous aural trip-out while masterfully wrapping them around a solid, yet understated dub carcass. Escalator picks up with contagious bass line which is guaranteed to make the dancefloors move. The EP culminates in vinyl-only dub wonder Herb. The track is immediately danceable, heavily mulch-layered, politically poignant and benefits from the bottomless depth of vocals. This is Slavakis way of thanking every single one of us who are supporting the vinyl format and a sure way to make your sets stand out in the sea of uniform mixes compiled of digitally available content. From the start the track bubbles with positive vibrations and touches the listeners in those most hard to reach places. Not least due to advanced mixing and mastering technique insuring that stereo signal gets a unique multidimensional feel to it. The message is simple, Its more than a perfectionism, its a disease! Just Play is Slavakis way of making sure that no matter which format you chose, you will find something special to help you surpass those who are not prepared to dig deep enough. With a range of new material this wide and quality of production and execution this high Elusive028 is not only the disease but the cure as well. Hear it and get infected!

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