Pandilla LTD - aWARe EP

Pandilla LTD



OZY Records / OZY01

Front View : Pandilla LTD - aWARe EP - OZY Records / OZY01
Back View : Pandilla LTD - aWARe EP - OZY Records / OZY01

Debut EP. Decks Tip!

The mysterious trio Pandilla LTD provide the first release on Ozy, a new sub-label run by Miguel Melo from Lisbon’s Carpet & Snares family. Never ones to tread the easiest path, Pandilla show off their full range of moods and tempos on this 4-tracker, opening with the jazzy and glitchy breaks of vignette ‘Beat Untitled’. This leads into ‘aWARe’, a downtempo epic of cinematic ambience and released tension that contrasts with the more dancefloor-ready cuts on the B. With its patient dubby tick-tock, ‘Mind Trick’ feels like a long-lost Basic Channel side-project, while the more extrovert ‘Trying To Go’ closes things in style with a shimmy and a shake.
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