Myriadd - OCEANS EP



12" NL

Polybius Trax / PT012

Front View : Myriadd - OCEANS EP - Polybius Trax / PT012
Back View : Myriadd - OCEANS EP - Polybius Trax / PT012

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This EP showcases a wider style than previous Myriadd EPs, and the tracks here are a mixture of dancefloor focused tracks and the more etherial, emotive style that listeners associate with this artist. Astral Journeys is a building dancefloor track that combines deep bass and a bubbling acid line to maximum effect. A second acid track, Excursions, combines solid 909 beats, a bubbling Washing Machine style synth line and a sailing acid line. Title track, Oceans, and City Of Quartz are more Detroit influenced, with a more icy atmosphere than the other tracks, perhaps recalling early UK bleep techno tracks. Cosmos is classic Myriadd style, combining cosmic string solos and Chicago style percussive stabs over a solid bassline. [txt from ]
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