Mind Over MIDI  - Components

Mind Over MIDI (Helge Tommervag)

Components (CD)

cd D

Diametric / 7-diam.

Front View : Mind Over MIDI (Helge Tommervag) - Components (CD) - Diametric / 7-diam.
Back View : Mind Over MIDI (Helge Tommervag) - Components (CD) - Diametric / 7-diam.

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Helge Tømmervå,,,g aka Mind over MIDI is a long time contributing artist from Norway. His work ranges back to the 80s when he started as a member of synthpop group ToC. In the 90s he released a series of techno and experimental records and albums under his solo guise mind over MIDI. With the years he slowly moved away from his techno productions and experimented with ambient soundscapes and dub influenced electronic music. >components<, his first album for diametric., is a wonderful trip from start to finish and a lesson in ambient music. The concept behind this album is Helges love for 70s electronic sequencer music and Krautrock such as Tangerine Dream, Amon Dü,,,ü,,,l or Klaus Schulze combined with the sound of the 21st century. He creates a superb melange of tantalizing sounds and atmosphere that will keep you spellbound forever. For best listening experience we recommend headphones. 150 handnumbered limited CD-R copies only. No digital distribution.

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