Mike Sheridan - ATMOSPHERICS


12 Inch LP

HFN Music / hfn158lp

Front View : Mike Sheridan - ATMOSPHERICS (2LP) - HFN Music / hfn158lp
Back View : Mike Sheridan - ATMOSPHERICS (2LP) - HFN Music / hfn158lp
A1: Impulse
A2: Atmospherics
A3: Metaphorically Speaking (feat. Agnes Alden)
B1: Strata
B2: Megaparsec (feat. Indra-Rios Moore)
C1: Minds I (feat. Agnes Aldén)
C2: Told/Untold
D1: Subspace (feat. BYLJA)
D2: Universal Automation (feat. Janus Rasmussen)

Double-LP in gatefold sleeve, printed innersleeves

The composer behind one of the most sensational breakthroughs in Danish music invites you on a crackling, ever-changing and deeply personal journey. His third album Atmospherics drops after a decade in which Mike Sheridan has searched deeply to find and capture his inner sound.
Films, theatres and art museums have benefited from Mike Sheridan‘s sense of sound and melody for the past 10 years. An album has been a long time coming because, in the wake of his breakthrough at the age of 16, he needed to listen extra closely to his inner sounds.
With Atmospherics, he unfolds the music in a meeting between who he once was and who he is today.
Three years ago, he began to create what is now the album Atmospherics. The term refers to electrical disturbances in the atmosphere, such as during a thunderstorm, which can interact with and distort wireless signals. Here, the title refers to both the sound of the album itself, where computer collages, classical instruments crystal clear melodies and heavy rhythms collide, and to the electronic processing and reworking. But really, he thought it would be a quiet release, almost devoid of melodies. Themes and music slide in and out of each other on the album. There are moments of dub, techno, pop and modern compositional music.
There are sounds and beats that crackle, dissolve, replace each other, or connect with each other in new ways.In this way, Atmospherics can be listened to as a long exhalation from an artist who has dared to hold his breath longer than most.
Atmospherics features both Danish and international guests such as Agnes Aldén (a singer, songwriter and producer from Falun, Sweden), Indra Rios-Moore (a singer, songwriter and arranger, from the Lower East Side of Manhattan), BYLJA and Janus Rasmussen - as well as a host of Sheridan‘s regular musicians.
The artwork for Atmospherics is created by visual artist Nicolai Howalt.
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