Kleintierschaukel - DRUM N FEELS



12" Vinyl D

Akumandra / AK002

Front View : Kleintierschaukel - DRUM N FEELS - Akumandra / AK002
Back View : Kleintierschaukel - DRUM N FEELS - Akumandra / AK002

Equatorial acoustics from Kleintierschaukel for the 2nd Akumandra release.

Kleintierschaukel’s first release on Akumandra presents an unstable proximity to the archaic, with equatorial acoustics that modulate between organic and synthetic states. Drum'N'Feels is about the re-enchantment of culturally heavy sampling - an acknowledgment to an indigenous sound that warps the perception of home and away.
The first track, Long Time Ago, utilizes sporadic square waves as the engine and embellishes with a series of sensory sound cyclones. Crazy Dayz is an auditory story telling of an event horizon that is never fully approached. Arbitrary vocals and low swells allude to the dynamic haze of nighttime euphoria. The syncopated guitar strum provides an omnipresent reality to Kidz of Tibet - a deconstruction of a desolate, desert melody to form a vacant audio-synthesis. Buffi and the Dolphins, the final track of the EP, is a full-bodied submersion into subterranean liquid percussion. The splurge on cavernous sampling builds the frequency layers needed for this multi-textural sound. [info sheet from distr.]
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