Kleintierschaukel - BLUE ELEPHANT



12" Vinyl D

Laut & Luise / lul008

Front View : Kleintierschaukel - BLUE ELEPHANT - Laut & Luise / lul008
Back View : Kleintierschaukel - BLUE ELEPHANT - Laut & Luise / lul008

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Nights are coming and going and faces appear and vanish, great plans are made and rarely held up to. While that is the mode that keeps the machine running, from time to time something greater can evolve out this fast paced spare time profession. That is to say, it is a great pleasure to smooth the way for our dear friend * Kleintierschaukel* and his * Blue Elephant*. A rare species whose origins are found in * Motomia* (A1), that odd place where sticky clocks tick faster than time passes. Still all confusion is lost in the calm whispering of * Juliette*(A2), a harmony of strange confidence. Despite all its apparent harmlessness, it needs the soothing voice of our all beloved Le- onie to let its vast figure withdraw to the rivers and show the gentle nature of this * Unterwassermann* (B1). Back in his element all notches are smoothed out and movements unite in a rythmic flow. This is not a documentary, this is the Blue Elephant: * TV Ende* (B2).

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