Julie Marghilano feat. Ilhem - LET IT GO



Sol Asylum / SA04

Front View : Julie Marghilano feat. Ilhem - LET IT GO (VINYL ONLY) - Sol Asylum / SA04
Back View : Julie Marghilano feat. Ilhem - LET IT GO (VINYL ONLY) - Sol Asylum / SA04

We are happy to announce that we are back with our 4th Sol Asylum instalment >Let It Go< this time from label founder Julie Marghilano. The creation process was an inner journey to find once again her creative spirit and just let it go. The final result is a three-track EP created with live-recorded instrumentation and features vocals by the talented jazz singer Ilhem Khodja.

We start with alternate dance floor edit of “Let It Go” featuring the hypnotic filtered voice of Ilhem’s vocals. Deconstructed violin bow hits and pizzicato create the intricate rhythms within the heavy analog bass driven track. Then redesigned classical strings become the underling haunting synths that take us through the odyssey. Finally arousing rides and hats echo, until we meet our disintegrated strings that have been swung into a manipulated dance of improvisation.
Delving into the deeper side of the Sol Asylum spirit, Julie taps into her classical jazz roots with “Soul Print.” Here again every element is mutated classical instrumentation from piano to violin and a pulsating male vocal to keep it all moving fluidly together in unison. The reverberated metal harmonic synths take you to another realm of the Sol Asylum planet while the disconnected claps conjure up the rhythmic forces of light and dark.
The inspirited root of the whole EP is the original version of “Let It Go.” The beatless improvised jam session slowly evolves into a breakbeat experiment, which inspired Julie to ask her friend Ilhem to provide her seductive jazz style vocals to the track. The result of this collaboration was liberating for both artists and reminded them of the importance of being free.
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