Johannes Albert - WOODEN PEARLS


12 Inch

White / White009

Front View : Johannes Albert - WOODEN PEARLS - White / White009
Back View : Johannes Albert - WOODEN PEARLS - White / White009

Well ok, no rule without exception... This beautiful joint from Johannes Albert is a little web 2.0 fairy-tail: The WHITE rookie & cratedigga no. 1 Moomin found a Youtube clip of a DJ hammering a super-deep, rough piano track in a club in the German city of Paderborn. He didnt know the track, so he sent the DJ a mail asking and a few mails later, the tracks from Johannes were blowing away Mr. Offermanns ears. So the labelhead decided to make this the next WHITE. Of course first of all Johannes & Oskar had to meet a few times to make sure they understand each others vision well and after a few meetings they eventually became friends. So the labels movement towards the direction of house is continued by this release. Wooden Pearls is pure Housemusic to the core. Very wooden & grounded in the lower spectrum and crystal clear up in the sky. These very honest and timeless tracks tell us a story. The story of Johannes Alberts passion for House. Since he was 15 years old, he is a fan. From the German Franconia he follows House throu his local recordstore >Swing King<

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