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Jerelo / JER004

Front View : Jerelo - APPARENTLY - Jerelo / JER004
Back View : Jerelo - APPARENTLY - Jerelo / JER004

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The next chapter in Jerelo's story includes three tracks arranged in the form of "Apparently" EP. It covers a broad palette of genres, from minimal techno to jazzy house.
The title track delivers a unique summer-time harmony complemented by a classic tech-house groove and a pumping bass line which render this A-Side both an intelligent home listen and a banger suitable for prime-time dancing.
Side B carries two house tracks, "Palmy" and "Drink Me." "Palmy" builds upon a tech-house groove and a sustained melody. The track instantly engages the listener with its prominent bass line, classic synth stabs, and groovy drums.
"Drink Me" is the most melodic work on this vinyl. The track is arranged in a minimal-house manner and has a pronounced accent in its jazzy bass line, its beautiful pads layered upon a constant minimal groove.

Hence, all three tracks share similar sounds, but thanks to different grooves, they offer an appealing variety of functions and convey contrasting and unique feelings.
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