Jaffa Surfa - PSY LANCE EP


12 Inch

Tape Hiss / TAPEHISS002

Front View : Jaffa Surfa - PSY LANCE EP (REPRESS / VINYL ONLY) - Tape Hiss / TAPEHISS002
Back View : Jaffa Surfa - PSY LANCE EP (REPRESS / VINYL ONLY) - Tape Hiss / TAPEHISS002

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2020 Repress! After a relatively long break Jaffa Surfa makes his return with a new release that is a bit more raw thus shifting the sound of Tape Hiss into the same direction. In comparison with his previous releases on labels like Bosconi Extra Virgin, All Inn Records and Houseworx he is making an effort to explore new territories with ‘Psy Lance EP’ while staying true to his trademark housey sound. Considering all the musical styles that Jaffa Surfa is taking inspiration from (from the soul/funk/disco trio, through all shades of house music and all the way up to techno) it doesn’t come as a surprise to see him churning out productions in various styles even within one release. The rolling yet deep ‘Psy Lance’ complements the playful and trippy ‘Bazz’ nicely just as the beatless DJ-tool ‘Preacha Bonus’.

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