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Artreform / arr004

Front View : Io (Mulen) - CRIMINAL STUFF - Artreform / arr004
Back View : Io (Mulen) - CRIMINAL STUFF - Artreform / arr004

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200 COPIES ONLY! iO (Mulen) debut on Artreform Records with stunning tech-house release *Criminal Stuff* includes 3 absolutely dancefloor bombs. This release have a great support from a lot of DJs around the globe!

The fine Ukrainian label Artreform are constantly searching for equilibrium between music soul and technological components.

Located at the intersection of western and eastern culture, inspired by both the past and the future we stake on musical innovations. They don't ignore trends, but do their best to have our own face.

iO (Mulen) first came to light on Diynamic. and have since released on Rejected, Noir Music, Area Remote and Leftroom, and have been playing literally the Globe over with a busy schedule.

Criminal Stuff starts us off here, and a its a techie swung house affair, with a very funky groove, hints of horns and has a real swagger about it.

Give IT A Try is next, and it’s a mysterious full sound, with an effected spoken male vocal that cascades over the deep bassline led groove that drops with some jazzed up keys.

Bass Control is a subtle swung housey edge tech winner, deep and restrained letting the groove carry you along. Three wicked tracks from this great artist on this excellent label. [info from mm]
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