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Angis Music / ANGIS 333

Front View : Huma - ABSENCE (7 INCH) - Angis Music / ANGIS 333
Back View : Huma - ABSENCE (7 INCH) - Angis Music / ANGIS 333

Broken Beat 7 inch

Angis Music, label run by the DJ Samuele Pagliai, is pleased to present HUMA: the new concept of Alberto Lincetto and Stefano Cosi, both musicians and producers belonging to the Italian experimental soul and jazz scene. Already active in other projects such as PCKT and Collettivo Immaginario, they boast collaborations with international artists such as Chauncey Yearwood, Tommaso Cappellato and Serena Brancale. The debut EP presents two very different scenarios where the solidity and minimalism of the rhythms blend with the deep yet refined harmonies. ""Moon Crab"" is the reminiscence of a cosmic journey with modern funk features, where a liquid and indefinite sound mass slowly evolves into a climax of drums and synthesizers, giving life to an irrepressible flow of emotions. "Absence", instead, with its melancholic tones and electronic acoustic sound represents a perfect epilogue with an open ending. The rest we will discover just by listening. [info sheet from distr.]
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