Efdemin X Vril - ENDLESS / PURGE

Efdemin X Vril



Sun Sad / SUNSAD001

Front View : Efdemin X Vril - ENDLESS / PURGE - Sun Sad / SUNSAD001
Back View : Efdemin X Vril - ENDLESS / PURGE - Sun Sad / SUNSAD001

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Great collaboration EP and Efdemin and Vril

The first release SUNSAD001 contains three tracks produced Efdemin and Vril. Sunsad was born before covid hit. The label was on hold as so many others. The first ep presents a meeting of two longstanding german producers who follow each others work with greatest respect since a long time: Efdemin and Vril. SUNSAD001 - Efdemin x Vril - Endless / Purge The EP opens with Efdemins long track titled „Endless“. Produced at his Berlin Studio “The Meadow” it is built around a endlessly progressing organ-pattern, combining classic Efdemin grooves with shimmering waves of beauty. The 132bpm track is a journey full of hope after one almost forgot how to dance during the last 1,5 years. The organ sounds connected with a rolling bass-line is a trip far away from peak-time craziness into transcendent territories. A soft but hopeful trip to nowhere - endless. On B1 „Purge“, produced by Vril, is meant by himself as an experience of a selfcleaning process in different phases. The surprising 7:43 journey is combining different elements of dub sounds, constant ambient white noise, beautiful chords and punchy hi-hats at the end of the track. All together a long, warm soundtrack for your personal purge. B2 is an groovy, punchy interpretation of Vrils „Purge“, remixed by Efdemin - a transformation from a self cleaning process to a dance floor experience with some reminiscence to earlier concepts techno. Written and Produced by Phillip Sollmann / Efdemin „Endless“ at the Meadow, Berlin, 2018 - 2021 Vril „Purge“, Hannover, 2019 Mastered by Vril Manufactured by Intakt Vinyl pressing plant, Berlin 2021 Distributed by Word and Sound, Hamburg Design by Pamela Guest No authorized performance, duplication or lease All rights reserved by Sun Sad Records. [info sheet from distr.]
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