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Front View : Definitivos - COURTRAI MODERN: DEFINITE DEFINITIVOS (LP) - Mayway Records / MAYWAY005LP
Back View : Definitivos - COURTRAI MODERN: DEFINITE DEFINITIVOS (LP) - Mayway Records / MAYWAY005LP

“Courtrai Moderne: Definite Definitivos” is the very first full vinyl release of Kortrijk’s own punk heroes: an anthology of their best songs. It was sheer enthousiasm when punk-craze hit Kortrijk in the late seventies. Frank Holvoet didn’t really know how to handle a guitar but that didn’t really matter: he gathered drummer Rik Masselis (see also The P.I.G.Z.), Peter Coppens and local wild boy Lucien Callewaert: Definitivos were Portuguese cigarettes and also the name of the band.

In 1980 the band recorded 'The Modern Dance', which became an instant indie hit in Belgium and France. They grew as a band touring with acts such as D.A.F. and 999. 'Courtrai Tonight' (1982), produced by T.C. Matic's Serge Feys, got raving reviews and once again hit the alternative charts. The band did some TV work and toured in Holland and France. Later that year they recorded songs for their break-through album that unfortunately was never released.
In 1985 Coppens and Callewaert were replaced by Philippe Decoene (now a well-known politician) and Dominique De Candt. During that period Definitivos did some major gigs such as De Melkweg in Amsterdam. A 12" single was released on Himalaya Records featuring sublime cold wave tracks such as 'Sight'Seeing' and 'Besse'. But in the late eighties depression hit the Belgian music scene and Definitivos silently came to an end.
Still, things never got completely quiet or forgotten: collectors are paying hard cash for a genuine copy of the 'Modern Dance', a song that - and this counts also for 'Courtrai Tonight' - achieved the status of international punk cult classic. In 2010, all this led to renewed interests and the band rose up from their ashes, releasing a 'best of'-CD and playing many shows.
Today, quite a few contemporary bands have been influenced by the (post-) punk and cold wave scene of the eighties which make the Definitivos songs sound remarkably sharp and fresh.
At long last, perfect occasion to release the band's anthology on vinyl! [info from nw]
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