Cristi Cons - BLACK SWAN EP



Adams Bite / ADAM006

Front View : Cristi Cons - BLACK SWAN EP (180G) - Adams Bite / ADAM006
Back View : Cristi Cons - BLACK SWAN EP (180G) - Adams Bite / ADAM006

Cristi Cons lands with his debut on Adams Bite, serving up two pristine cuts of electronic wizardry. The label has previously meddled in strong 90ies aesthetics, delivering starry-eyed homages to days long gone. With the eternal wunderkind at the controls, things get kicked up another notch: following efforts from his peers, he is unearthing, deconstructing, and reassembling some of Frankfurts halcyon days most essential sonics. Drop the needle on the A side to access >Black Swan<, a contemporary house burner perfectly imagining the early trance experiments heard in the dark womb of dance music history. Sprawling across the flipside, >Ahead of the Curve< finds Cristi Cons exploring the psychedelic side of this sound, revealing delicate details to lose your mind in and a playful bassline keeping bodies earthbound and flowing. Zipping and zapping from Goa to Mainlandia via Bucharest, there is plenty to fall in love with here. Over and over again.

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