Cosmic Garden - COSMIC TAPE VOL 1

Cosmic Garden


12" Vinyl NL

Creme / Crec15

Front View : Cosmic Garden - COSMIC TAPE VOL 1 - Creme / Crec15
Back View : Cosmic Garden - COSMIC TAPE VOL 1 - Creme / Crec15

new years deal - The next chapter in the Creme Organization Ecplise series comes from Cosmic Garden with three original tracks and one remix from Orgue Electronique. Little is known about Cosmic Garden other than he is from Southern Italy and has had two EPs out in 2016, one on HotMix and one on Cosmic Rhythm. He heads out the blocks here with Reptilian Treant , six minutes of lo-fi deep house that is roomy and atmospheric. Lazy synths bring soul and a gentle chatter of claps and hits helps drive it along. Rare Centaur is also way below the surface but is darker and more celestial, with turbulent bass, frantic claps and angelic chords glowing like a white light at the end of a tunnel. Dutch house and electro don Orgue Electronique then remixes Reptilian Treant into something that is slick and serene, with metallic lines dancing above rubbery drums as big piano chords boucle up top. It is joyous and colourful and truly majestic before final track Apocalyptic Moose takes us back down into a mournful house vibe that echoes Chicago with its roughhewn analogue textures and lovestruck chords.

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