Coladera - LA DOTU LADO



12" Vinyl D

Agogo / 05173661

Front View : Coladera - LA DOTU LADO (LP) - Agogo / 05173661
Back View : Coladera - LA DOTU LADO (LP) - Agogo / 05173661

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aka Vitor Santana & Joao Pires

Brazil, Portugal and Cape Verde resound in the beguiling songs of this acoustic trio. Latin American and African tinged rhythms, connected by the Portuguese language. "La Dôtu Lado" is the second album of the transatlantic project Coladera, presenting the various styles of lusophone music. Led by Brazilian guitarist Vitor Santana and Joao Pires, his Portuguese counterpart, who also sings and plays guitar. The album brought together a number of collaborations that included José Eduardo Agualusa, Aline Frazao, Dino Santiago, Bilan, Ana Sofia Paiva, EduMundo, Brisa Marques and Marcos Suzano: three musical universes that honor the lusophone rhythms. Brazil, Portugal and Cape Verde merge into a dialogue of guitars, percussions and voices, bringing together the rhythms of samba and the northeast region of Brazil, the funaná, the morna, the coladera and theb atuque of Cape Verde, the Portuguese fado or the Angolan lundum. Coladera was named after the rhythm born of the Morna, the traditional Cape Verdean music, which in turn is derived from Portuguese fado and Angolan lundum. This unique musical universe is interpreted in a raw, beguiling way by Coladera. [info from label]
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