Calibre & Chelou - DISSOLVE IN THE RAIN


12 Inch

Signature / SIG029

Front View : Calibre & Chelou - DISSOLVE IN THE RAIN - Signature / SIG029
Back View : Calibre & Chelou - DISSOLVE IN THE RAIN - Signature / SIG029

Calibre’s production meets Chelou’s lyrics and guitar for a deeply emotional result.

Calibre - "I first came across Adam's work via a remix I did of 'She Rocks, I Roll' back in 2019, the vibe was melancholic and leaned toward my own bluesy take on things. When 'Dissolve In The Rain' hit my inbox, I instantly connected with the guitar and vocal, in particular the lyrics, and felt it could be merged with a piano idea that I had. Merging these worlds created an arrangement for two sections; a lyrical passage that leads to harmonised vocals, and then an improvised and layered section, accentuated by Adam's lyric and guitar. It was a real pleasure to watch it almost make itself. The worlds combined lead to something nostalgic but new, it's a wonderful meeting of musical minds."

Chelou - "From a weird set of demos that I sent him around four years ago, Calibre picked the most obscure, and that's when I knew he got it! The idea that an artist like him heard something in my acoustic music that sparked him to transform it into a track like this, has blown me away. The piano and harrowing pace is something that I would have never created, it's fucking gold." [info sheet from distr.]
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