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Front View : BMW - MUNA MUSIK 013 - Muna Musik / munamusik013
Back View : BMW - MUNA MUSIK 013 - Muna Musik / munamusik013

Incl Cinthie and Archie Hamilton Remix. Decks Tip!

BMW – Music
Music is one of the deepest songs on the BMW album. Spherical synthies with a groovy
breaky beat let this song rise to a timeless song that should never end. The message "Music"
said everything about it, it's about music that doesn't need any big drops.
BMW – Music (Archie Hamilton Remix)
We are so proud to win one of the best House DJ and Producer in our scene for Muna Musik.
Archie Hamilton gives "Music" the special dancefloor drive without losing sight of the
original. "That Record is Hot"...with this vocal he says it all. An outstanding remix by the
London based dancefloor bomber.
BMW – Jump Around
Jump around is the main song from the BMW album and is so casually grooved that it invites
you to dance so much. With its huge beat details it is very playful and you’ll discover a new
elements every time. Sometimes it's so easy, jump and life is complete.
BMW – Jump Around (Cinthie Remix)
Cinthie is back on Muna Musik and we are more than proud of it! She brings the good 90´s
house influences to her dancefloor remix. It reminds of the good old beginnings of our Muna
where the nights became day and never ended. You don't need many elements to create a
timeless catchy tune. WE LOVE IT [info sheet from distr.]
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