Blanco Teta - ROMPE PAGA


12 Inch

Les Disques Bongo Joe / 05244611

Front View : Blanco Teta - ROMPE PAGA (LP) - Les Disques Bongo Joe / 05244611
Me Kgo Nel Lauro ft. Lucy Patane
Hoy No
Rnr (Se Me Entanga El Short)
La Luz
Rompe Paga ft. Satira

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Riot Grrrl fire and noise meets musical debauchery from Latin America.

Born in Argentina in 2017, Blanco Teta is more than just a band. The project melts experimental rock, punk-pop and trash noise to develop a statement that pass over genre limits. The quatuor digs with intensity into noise, dance, avant-garde but also into politic with a clear speech on transfeminism. From the suburbs of Buenos Aires to some of the most interesting European festival, passing by an outstanding KEXP session, the live iteration of Blanco Teta proposes something so fresh crossing border of performance to create an immersive experience at high level of energy and madness. Rompe Paga is their third record material but also their first LP. Going from trashy skate-punk vibe tracks to serious noise experiences, the band experiments with no limit. Using a lot of glitches effect or digital mixing tools as autotune, the album is a real mind blower. With very political lyrics, Blanco Teta goes further than just a punky project, it demonstrates the power of music and put the audience into something real.
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