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Butter Side Up / BSU006

Front View : Basement Space - NEPTUNE SUNRISE EP - Butter Side Up / BSU006
Back View : Basement Space - NEPTUNE SUNRISE EP - Butter Side Up / BSU006

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Die sechste EP von Butter Side Up kommt von Stockholms superschlauem Basement Space, der vier Tracks mit ausgeflipptem House und Breaks serviert.

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Butter Side Up's sixth EP comes from Stockholm's super slick Basement Space, who serves up four tracks of tripped-out house and breaks.

Patrik Edenhall is an audio engineer and producer with a love of old school broken beats. In his hands, those beats are worked into everything from jazz to techno, with deft ambient melodies and complex IDM patterns. His meticulous approach shines through once again on these four more timeless tracks.

'Cosmonaut' kicks off with crunchy breaks and plenty of subtle references to space travel. Spoken word snippets and a turbocharged bassline ensure maximum impact on both head and heel. The icy cool breakbeats on 'Domino' glide through the cosmos with sleek synths and steamy female coos, while a rugged bassline brings some filth. On the flip, 'Equilibrium' is a heady cut with balmy pads and neon keys lighting up another frictionless groove. It's electronic funk of the highest order, while 'Neptune Sunrise' is the sound of a zoned-out dance floor at 5am, with crispy snares and bulbous acid keeping you afloat amongst the stars.

BSU006 is another innovative EP of multi-faceted club tracks from a fresh underground talent.
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