Bajram Bili


12" Vinyl D

Lumiere Noire / LN021

Front View : Bajram Bili - RESHAPED DISTORTION EP - Lumiere Noire / LN021
Back View : Bajram Bili - RESHAPED DISTORTION EP - Lumiere Noire / LN021

Bajram Bili presents his new 4 Track EP.

Over the past few months, Bajram Bili has been a revelation at Lumière Noire. On the label’s compilation From Above, the French producer drew praise from listeners, DJs and critics alike with the eight housey, cerebral minutes of his contribution, Restart. Bajram Bili is far from being a newcomer: Adrien Gachet has been making music under the exotic moniker for several years, combining krautrock and IDM influences into a rather convoluted genre. On his previous album, 2017’s Remembered Waves, he had opted for a metamorphosis, bringing a new sense of freedom to club music, and this debut Lumière Noire EP is bound to elicit further interest in the artist. Stretching over nine minutes, the playful No Fugue is complemented by a vocal track that seems to encourage the listener to visit the euphoric spaces in between. The Dantean, techno-accented Fluttering maintains this unsettling pace and amplifies, building up anticipation by bouncing from hot to cold and culminating in an epic journey. The beatless Mother presents a complete change of scenery, with Gachet offering up a contemplative composition haunted by tinges of Vangelis and Carpenter. With its acid accents, red-hot closing track Divided Flash completes the EP’s musical register, closing the ambitious four-track arc [txt from Label]
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