Anselmo & Benjamin - CREAM

Anselmo & Benjamin

CREAM (180G)

12" Vinyl D

Canicule Musique / CANI002

Front View : Anselmo & Benjamin - CREAM (180G) - Canicule Musique / CANI002
Back View : Anselmo & Benjamin - CREAM (180G) - Canicule Musique / CANI002

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Pink clouds. Black slacks. Shoes shined. Purple hazed eyes remind. Evening mist. Bodies primed. Dance floor. Candy curtains mirror eyes. Shining deep beyond the lines. Dance floor. Frequencies through my thighs. Peeling layers of my minds. Dance floor. All we know nothing is time. Dance Floor. Purple clouds relax my mind. Pillows tell me I’m at mine. Purple hazed eyes remind. Once more. Dance Floor.

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