Alexander Church - CONFIGURATIONS001

Alexander Church


12" Vinyl ( / ) D

Configurations Of Self / CS001

Front View : Alexander Church - CONFIGURATIONS001 - Configurations Of Self / CS001
Back View : Alexander Church - CONFIGURATIONS001 - Configurations Of Self / CS001

A configuration of self is a hypothetical construct denoting a coherent pattern of feelings thoughts and preferred behavioural responses symbolised or pre-symbolised by the person as reflective of a dimension of existence within the self. >Thorne and Mearns, 2000<

The rationale behind the series is based on each piece of music representing emotional response to the processes feelings and self- awareness of studying psychology and counselling and becoming more aware of the multiple defences behaviours and personality traits I have. Each release will be themed around a particular part of my academic journey and include media to accompany the music.
The first four configurations were written as part of the process notes post sessions as I worked on a trainee counselling placement at Yorkshire Cancer Support. Working with clients who suffer from cancer has a profound effect on me and providing them a safe place to speak openly about what is going on for them is a truly humbling experience. All images and video related with this release are of rural locations that I like to visit as a means of escapism and self- care. [Release Note from Label]
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