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Warm Widow
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Brimming with Fall-esque attitude. Guided By Voices pop-sensibilities. and Drive Like Jehu / Fugazi / Hüsker Dü style riffing. Warm Widow channel . the spirit of their influences into one totally kick-ass. brutally lo-fi rock sound - Meticulously mastered by Bob Weston (Shellac. Mission Of Burma) at Chicago Mastering Service - Warm Widow is the project of ex-Tsuji Giri frontman Martin Greenwood. and features Zak Hane of Stranger Son of WB on bass and Lianne Steinberg of Breaking Colts on drums ... Info: Manchester s Warm Widow never really intended to make this album – well. not in the way that Widower presents itself anyway. This was supposed to be the scratchy blueprint for the actual Warm Widow album. recorded. you know. like proper albums are recorded: in a recording studio perhaps. with an array of appropriate microphones. with an actual producer (or certainly an engineer). and time to allow the band the breathing space to nail it . with additional options to try multiple takes and overdubs - in general. recording with a certain amount of control and ease.
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