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Austin-based VVV is one of a new wave of garage producers whose music actually feels like an honest mixture of vintage and modern touches. rather than a trend-hopper looking to capitalize on a few dubstepforum Fruity Loops tutorials. He s an artist who happily mixes and matches signifiers. lacing his productions with subtle streaks of colour and leading them into unexpected detours. Over the course of Across The Sea VVV swings from gleeful Todd Edwards-style vocal mush (-Aisle Seat-) to Sepalcure-esque house-tinged workouts like -Retreated- to more experimental fare. On tracks like -Stuck Between- or the stumbling punch-drunk jungle of -Duration of Light-—where breaks crash through filtered soul samples and cause ripples like dominoes—he always keeps the tracks backbone intact while doing some of the weirdest things to bass music youll hear this side of Machinedrum. Across The Sea doesnt have the same visionary outlook as Room(s). but it shares that albums embrace of fine-tuned sequencing and development. The tender. reflective moments that occasionally pop up are its best. whether its that memorable opener or the fogged-glass beats of -Among The Whispers.- which admittedly sounds a little like Burial but higher-definition. with high-strung chords recalling Netsky more than Untrue. The albums closer -All That Weve Been Through- nicely sums up the proceedings. throwing an out-of-context piano on top of another Burial-esque beat loaded up with reverb yet still cutting clear as day. Its perfectly representative of VVVs aesthetic: his debut album isnt always made up of entirely original ingredients. but like any good chef. he knows how to present it in a way thats irresistibly appetizing.
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