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It s almost noon at Donnie s HQ and the door opens with a bang that somehow doesn t move a soul. Donnie Bass, the owner, knows who s causing such a racket: he s meeting the three characters Mr Blue told him to gather.Why? it seems the four of them are the best at what they do, all of them known offenders at the Groove Police Station. Donnie speaks : « I m going to read a letter signed by Mr Blue... Believe me: we don t have a choice! ». And they know he won t need to say it twice. No one says NO to Mr Blue... Ever! Shawn Washington (flutes), Charlie Keys (keyboards), Jesus Crise (turntables) et Donnie Bass (bass) know the drill : You gotta groove or die ! . That s the world according to Blue... Followed by their associates Bluce (MC), Tchiky Wah (guitar), Mr. Big (drums) and Ray Waterboy (percussions), Versus brings a funky hip hop with a blaxploitation groove... With this first EP, Mr Blue , Versus invites you to their world... Along with the instrumental and the acapella, you ll find the original version of Mr Blue, also remixed by 20syl (Hocus Pocus frontman) & Booster (composer of the hit single You re the One feat. Juan Rozoff and the Light My Fire remix with Shirley Bassey). Before we go deeper into this story, we should ask ourselves one important question: Who is this mysterious Mr Blue ?
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