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No time to take a breather. no time for a contemplative chill session - the second edition of BPitch Control s Werkschau (Showcase) CD is about to hit the shelves! In line with the overall BPitch Showcase concept. the new release is in no way just another run-of-the-mill compilation of best-of tracks. but rather a selection of extraordinary and highly functional club gems that represent BPitch s harmonious concept as perfectly as they demonstrate its musical breadth. The most noticeable characteristics the three extended versions share are their vocal presence and the extremely distinctive way that the artists make use of language and voice. In contrast. the fact that the EP is perfectly arranged for the dance floor comes across as almost a matter of course. and every track exhibits this inherent feeling in equal parts - with it truly coming to life in Cormacs >The Present<. which opens the albums A-Side.

Even if the Irishman (who spends most of his time London) can still be considered an insider's tip, his appearance on the Showcase CD is well-deserved - as a resident at the legendary Fabric Club in London and a member of the WetYourSelf Crew, the baseline juggler has carved out a wide area for himself between House and Techno and has gained highly-respectable DJ and producer skills. His releases on WYS and Memo are now even being remixed by Miss Kittin and Chris Liebig. In The Present, Feris Armstrong delivers outstanding vocals that Cormac uses for the track's hook and atmosphere, uniting them perfectly with the calm and powerfully pulsating Techhouse beat which, similar to a gigantic spiral, focuses the listener's senses on exactly one spot - the dance floor! Aérea Negrot has made a name for herself as a performer and singer with Hercules and Love Affair. She opens the Flip-side with one of the most unusual and unique tracks on the Showcase CD - and quite possibly in BPC's entire catalog. Aérea Negrot - who has Venezuelan roots but lives in Berlin - presents her ferventlystated, tongue-in-cheek desire "Deutsche (zu) Werden", (to become German) in the form of a skillfully executed balancing act between an experimental track done just for the fun of it and a completely danceable Electro beat. Old-school sounds form the crisp, dry flow and collide with bizarre, distorted vocals which together enter into a one-of-a-kind liaison. Joakim Ijäs, aka Kiki, has been one of BPitch's regulars right from day one. Two incredible albums in the joint gravitational field of House and Techno, countless 12-inch singles, remixes, and a collaboration with Silversurfer are the notable points in his success story. "Morning Maniacs" is his first collaboration with Philipp Lenz (under the fairly obvious name Kiki & Lenz). The vocals, in the form of an extremely compelling looped sample, play an important role in this track as well, and are responsible for the lion's share of the track's high-energy atmosphere, together with the house piano (which has a jazzy touch to it) and the hugely powerful, clashing hi-hat.
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