Various Artists
12" Vinyl D
Yippiee / Yippiee005-3

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Part 3/3! Close your eyes and let go. Born in Hannover Daso enchanted us with this track. It is constantly building up until sunrise. This is how we got to know Daso when he was playing his first gig at a Treibgut getting our guests up and going. In Hannover this night is known as the Topless-Party-Animals-Night. Not many are as familiar with the Treibgut Sound as Mario Aureo proving with this tune. A year ago it was all hands up at Treibgut but know we set it free to be passionately celebrated at other parties. Leave the orchestra in rehearsals – until they have finished we keep on celebrating to the deep bassline for the plane has just landed. Moritz approached this tune verytooly. We just remember him setting up stage for the party. ordering pizza and watching football. Frieder. our youngest member. never looses the concept of time and spaces but this track has so much atmosphere in it that you can imagine which cloud he is on. The track comes in easy-going leaving you floating to the end
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