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Over the course of nine albums in the 2000s for their producer-led Beat Generation series. BBE adopted an unusual stance. >Do what you want<. their artists were told for probably the first time in their careers. The labels enormously liberal approach was the antithesis of stiff major record label A&R practices. their forward thinking rewarded handsomely by a truly diverse set of albums from some of the worlds most capable hip-hop architects.

Among those picked to contribute were Golden Era greats (Marley Marl; Jazzy Jeff); acclaimed DJ/producers whose work habitually blurred genre lines (King Britt; DJ Spinna; Madlib); and those whose regular gigs didn’t afford them the creative freedom they craved ( DJ Spinna is something of an anomaly in music. A humbling example of what it takes to truly succeed within the framework of multiple fields: a steadfast work ethic, an obsessively extensive vinyl library and the willingness to pursue the full extents of his roots (Funk, Soul and Jazz), foundation (Hip-Hop) and future (Electronic/Dance music) with no restraints. Known popularly as Mr Thing, this supreme disc jockey first started djing in 1987. He said recently- “the first hip-hop record I bought was Streetsounds Crucial Electro, first import 12″ was BDP “Poetry", first actual record was … (cringing) Adam & The Ants “Kings Of The Wild Frontier". From these humble beginnings Mr Thing went on to become one the worlds finest DJs and producers.
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