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Orioni / Orioni02

Front View : Various Artists - SECOND SIGHT - Orioni / Orioni02
Back View : Various Artists - SECOND SIGHT - Orioni / Orioni02

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Nice Price Deal !!! Here comes the second release of Orioni Records, another compilation of argentinian artists. Espen Lauritzen makes his way on with >1724<, hardened 909 rhythms together a filtered 303 bassline in his own abstract way results in a banging and effective weapon, creating an hypnotic feeling into the dance-floor. B2 is for Farceb with >Enki<, smashing broken beats, FM synthesis and sharp 909 hi-hats and beats, using a stronger drum workout within. An impressive masterpiece digging deep into the groove. In the other side, >Everything Transforms< by Pulse one, who presents an aggressive killer track with repetitive hard synth sequences, but it also comes with lot of tweaks on the analog synthesis and different types of pitches, modulations and filters for a mental feeling. Closing the album, Zedje delivers >Restore<, full of obscure rhythm treatments, massive kick drums and shuffled 909 hi-hats and rides, different types of drones and complex analog synthesizers around the modular step sequences get together to bring you this massive peace of a track. Classy. Keep an eye on this new project, Orioni, is here to stay.

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