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1. kreem - triangle of love
2. reese - the sound
3. reese - just want another chance
4. reese & santonio - how to play our music
5. keynotes - lets, lets, lets, lets dance
6. reese & sanantonio - bounce your body to the box
7. kevin saunderson - the groove that wont stop
8. reese & santonio - truth of self evidence
9. symbols & instruments - mood
10. reese - rock to the beat
11. nexus 21 feat donna black - still life (keeps moving)
12. kaos - definition of love
13. mk - somebody new
14. the reese project - direct me
15. tronikhouse - smooth groove
16. tronikhouse - speaker pushing (the dirty mix)
17. reese station of the groove
18. tronikhouse - sparkplug
19. reese - bassline
20. tronikhouse - straight outta hell
21. tronikhouse - uptempo
22. the reese project - colour of love
23. chez damier - can you feel it
24. fix - flash
25. chez damier - i never knew love
26. reese - funky funk funk
27. inner city - do ya (carl craig build up mix)
28. inner city - back together again (reese phuture dub)
29. r-tyme - use me (carl craig piano remix)
30. urban culture - the wonders of wishing
31. e-dancer - pump the move
32. esseray - forces
33. inner city - share my life (chez n trents vocal dub
34. kosmic messenger - soundscape (intricate mix)
35. inner city - ahnongay
36. e dancer - world of deep
37. e dancer - feel the mood
38. e dancer - velocity funk
39. gary martin - cosa cougat
40. inner city - good life (recreated mix)
41. inner city - big fun (simian mobile disco remix)
42. inner city - good love (lucianos remix)
43. phil agosta - tribute to detroit (agent x)
44. brandon de carlo - forever and a day
45. kwaku saunderson - the orb
46. phil agosta - master of the drum
47. kevin saunderson & kweku saunderson - roll on (rick perez remix)
48. inner city - say something
49. reese feat ann saunderson - rock to the beat (christian smith & john selway remix kevin saunderson vocal edit)

2012 sees Detroit label, KMS Records, celebrating its 25th Anniversary.

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Detroit House
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2012 sees Detroit label, KMS Records, celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary.

Founded in 1987, by Kevin Maurice Saunderson, his first release was “Triangle Of Love” produced by, ‘Kreem’, (just one of his many guises), little did Saunderson know, at that time, that two and a half decades later, he would still be releasing music on his KMS label.

Let’s go back to the beginning... Born in Brooklyn in 1964, Saunderson moved to the picturesque Detroit suburb of Belleville, when he was nine, a different world to the urban decay of the city itself.

Saunderson has an enviable dual reputation. To the dance cognoscenti he’s one of the “Belleville Three,” (with Saunderson being the ‘Elevator’, Juan Aktkins being the ‘Originator’ and Derrick May being the ‘Innovator’), the trio of friends invented Detroit Techno.

The trio met at Belleville High School where, Saunderson befriended Juan Atkins and Derrick May, who introduced him to the eclectic post-disco playlists of Detroit radio DJ Charles “The Electrifying Mojo” Johnson. “ Johnson played disco, funk, Prince, Parliament/Funkadelic, Kraftwerk, the B52’s and Tangerine Dream, to name just a few. Saunderson already had a serious love for music, but he didn’t realise he was going to produce music, until then.

In his first year at East Michigan University, where he studied telecommunications, he gave up football to become a DJ himself. He took inspiration from visits to Larry Levan’s Paradise Garage in New York and Frankie Knuckles’ Warehouse and Music Box in Chicago. Saunderson, Atkins and May, played at campus parties, until setting up their own club in Detroit, the fabled Music Institute.

Of the “Belleville Three” Atkins was the first to make a record, with electro group Cybotron’s “Alleys of Your Mind” in 1981, then May, with Rhythim is Rhythim’s “Nude Photo” in 1987. Inspired by his friends, Saunderson bought some basic equipment and made his own debut in 1987 with “Triangle Of Love”. “I just had a good ear and a good heart for music,” he says. “Juan Atkins led me into DJing which led me into making extra beats to play in my set. Then I started learning how to play basslines, putting a lot of work in, just elevating it from there”

Undeniably, Saunderson is a gifted producer (going under guises such as Reese, E-Dancer, Tronikhouse and Reese Project), remixer and a tireless international DJ. To lovers of great pop music he’s also one third of Inner City, who made regular visits to the Top 20 in the late 80s with jubilant hits like “Big Fun” and “Good Life”, paving the way for hundreds of underground-to-chart crossover records to come.

On a visit to England in 1988 Saunderson realised that a mythology had built up around the “Belleville Three”. To his even greater surprise, “Big Fun” became not just a massive club record but a pop hit. He also helped to revolutionise remixing when he worked on “We Know It” by Wee Papa Girl Rappers. Over the following decade Saunderson would continue to produce imaginative remixes for the likes of New Order, Pet Shop Boys, The Shamen, Paula Abdul and the Lighthouse Family.

Even whilst travelling the globe, djing or touring with Inner City, Saunderson continued to produce and release not only his own tracks on his KMS label (with tracks such as “The Sound” by Reese, “Rock To The Beat” by Reese, “Truth Of Self Evident” by Reese & Santonio, “Let’s, Let’s, Let’s, Let’s Dance” by Keynotes and “Colour Of Love” by The Reese Project), but he also released tracks by other up and coming artists, releasing classic underground gems, such as “Flash” by Fix, “Can You Feel It” by Chez Damier, “Soundscape” by Kosmic Messenger, “Definition Of Love” by Kaos and “Use Me” by R-Tyme. The list is endless.

Fast forward to 2012 and it’s hard to believe that KMS is still releasing records. With such a long history, what better way to celebrate than to release a special CD Boxset. The “KMS 25th Anniversary Classics” will be released on CD, Digital (and for those vinyl collectors, there will be 6 x 12” Samplers). Each format includes a plethora of gems which have been released on KMS over the last 25 years.

KMS may be celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary, but there’s no slowing down for Kevin Saunderson. He’s still producing, remixing and djing (all over the world). Here’s to the next 25 years....

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