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In Keb Darges own words: I ve done many a compilation in my day. mostly based around the tunes I played at my long running Deep Funk nights in Madame Jo Jos. That night is no longer on the go. possibly due to a growing lack of interest on my part. (sorry). In the last few years the Lost & Found: nights at the club have been my real passion. and indeed Little Ediths and Andy Smiths passion too. What a marvelous era this is for good music. We may still have pure stuff like dub step: pulling in large numbers of sheep. but an equal number of youngsters are being attracted to retro. or at least retro sounding music. People tell me it is because the youth are fed up with computerized music. or men with drug problems angrily shouting at them over a dull repetitive beat. but I know lots of teenagers who have bypassed this muck all together. Must be the internet that is helping kill off the demand for empty music. You no longer need to go to a retro club night. or indeed search out rare records to be exposed to good music. the internet is full of the stuff. My fifteen year old daughter is a Marc Bolan fan who while researching the poor fellows influences discovered Chuck Berry. Sun records. etc. etc. I dont really know or understand why so many are at last getting into the good stuff. but they are. and it is wonderful for the likes of me.
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