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Fun. folky and charming oddball music from the short-lived. but often re-broadcast Fingerbobs series for the BBC in the early 70s – starring hand puppets Fingermouse. Gulliver the seagull. Scampi (who lives on a hand by the sand and the sea). Flash the tortoise and Canadian folk singer and narrator Rick Jones – whose songs and narration are the heart of this great soundtrack put together by the obscure sound library and soundtrack champion Johnny Trunk! The music is really sweet. with acoustic guitar. flute and bits of percussion – cheery and fun without being cut or cloying. with oddball. post hippie childrens show charm to spare! Includes -Fingerbobs Theme-. -Fingermouse Theme-. -Fingermouse Incidental-. -Scampis Theme-. -Seeds-. -Enochs Wheel 2-. -Plasticine-. -Shapes-. -Little Link-. -Shiny Thing-. -Story Of The Wooden Tower-. -Fingermouse Plays The Organ- and more.
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