Various Artists - DOWN & WIRED 2

Various Artists
12" Vinyl UK
PTR / PTR0432

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Few would challenge the claim that the 1960s and 70s have been the most fertile two decades in the history of popular music ever - a period which. regardless of genre. laid the foundations for everything that has followed. What is more. this period was so fertile that the speed with which tastes changed left a colossal amount of incredible music to gather dust - perhaps most famously a profusion of funk. soul and jazz. It was a musical legacy that lay mouldering until the rise of sampling in late 80s hip-hop precipitated a mad scramble for lost crates and suddenly. the music that became known as rare groove - for obvious reasons (it was rare and very groovy) - experienced a phoenix-like rebirth. A quarter of a century on and a million funk. soul. jazz-funk and rare groove compilations. re-presses and re-releases later. you d think that cupboard was bare and yet. even now. there are gems to be found. PT is re-releasing the rarest of cuts that often were originally only limited runs or private pressings and new compilation Down & Wired is just such a collection. Always soulful. this features everything from mod groovers and northern stompers. to funky bumps and latin heaters. Yet while the quality of all cuts is immediately apparent. only one of the eleven has ever been previously been compiled because when PT do rare. they don t mess around. In fact. if these tracks were steaks - they d still be walking around eating grass.
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