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Fantastic Voyage / FVDV217

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From the mid-50s to the early 60s. R&B belonged not just to men with guitars. but to women who sang with hungry voices on stages and in studios across the US. Their roots were planted in the blues of Ma Rainey. Mamie Smith. Ida Fox and Bessie Smith. the gospel of Sister Rosetta Tharpe. the jazz of Billie Holiday and Dinah Washington. Their legacy lies in the recordings collected on Ainít Gonna Hush by journalist (Mojo. Record Collector) and R&B authority Lois Wilson.
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Selected because of their collectability and popularity on the club scene, the 32 tracks selected from the 3CD set Ainít Gonna Hush include contributions by crowned queens of soul Etta James and Aretha Franklin, and other luminaries like Big Maybelle, Little Esther, LaVern Baker and Baby Washington. But lesser-known names are also well represented, whose recordings, like most of the songs collected here, sold poorly, but fetch huge prices today. Their lack of success was not due to ability, performance or quality of songwriting, every artist here shouts, screams and hollers as if their lives depend on it, every song is perfectly crafted. But due to bad luck, lack of promotion or simply the fact that with a market flooded with choice, the competition was tough and these 45s fell through the cracks. Here those unfortunate turns of fate are redressed with a collection that compiles the forgotten alongside the famed. Ainít Gonna Hush reasserts the eminence of revered voices and proposes the coronation of a larger cast of R&B Queens.

2LP vinyl set with insert

32 uninhibited, rocking vocal performances from the í50s and í60s, selected from the 76-track 3CD set

Compiled and annotated by Lois Wilson

Famous names like Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Big Maybelle, Big Mama Thornton, Little Esther and LaVern Baker rub shoulders with lesser-known R&B singers revered by collectors

Track Listing:

Side One:
1. Rough Lover (Aretha Franklin)
2. Put On My Shoes (Mary Ann Fisher)
3. Love Me Right (LaVern Baker)
4. Ainít Gonna Hush (Cordella De Milo)
5. Jump Jack, Jump! (Wynona Carr)
6. My Babe (Dakota Staton)
7. Say Hey Pretty Baby (Lula Reed)
8. Miss You So (Tiny Topsy)

Side Two:
1. Nobody Loves You Like Me (Etta James)
2. Move On (Baby Washington)
3. Fujiyama Mama (Annisteen Allen)
4. You Ainít So Such A Much (Blanche Thomas)
5. Tough Lover (Etta James)
6. Whipper Snapper (LaVern Baker)
7. Humdinger (Little Marie Allen)
8. Hambone (Mamie Jenkins)

Side Three:
1. A Little You (Dakota Staton)
2. One Monkey Donít Stop No Show (Big Maybelle)
3. Good Gravy Baby (Varetta Dillard)
4. You Never Could Be Mine (Baby Washington)
5. Iím Hurted (Mamie Perry)
6. Canít Get You Off My Mind (Jeannie Barnes)
7. Little Annie (Anna Belle Caesar)
8. Donít Freeze On Me (Jessie Mae)

Side Four:
1. Iíve Got A Man (Annie Williams)
2. Till The Well Runs Dry (Wynona Carr)
3. Puddentane (Lula Reed)
4. You Shocked Me (Tiny Topsy)
5. They Call Me Big Mama (Big Mama Thornton)
6. Hound Dog (Little Esther)
7. You Canít Stay Here (Step It Up And Go) (Pearl Reaves)
8. Jump With Me Baby (Mamie Jenkins)
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