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Let Me See You Skank Out! MRK1 cuts in vocals from his Virus Syndicate group while mixing up some of Dubsteps finest new cuts for this latest mix. Future:Dubstep:03. When deciding who should mix Future:Dubstep:03 there was no hesitation in asking MRK1 He is undoubtedly one of Dubsteps most established and respected figure heads. Through his own contagious label. mix compilations including Rephlexs Grime (a key release in pushing the Dubstep / Grime sound to a wider audience) and releases on the genres biggest labels including two artist albums. MRK1 is without shadow of a doubt one of the genres most influential and successful artists. Featuring on the compilation are three records from Hatcha & Kromestar as well as a host of records from MRK1 himself and bonus tracks from Cyrus (of Random Trio). Future:Dubstep:03 also previews tracks from some of Dubstep’s best up & coming talent including the consistently genre chart topping Bare Noize (who also mixed Future:Dubstep:02). Rebel Sonix. Scott Nixon. RMS and Trimaxis
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