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Tartelet Records / tart024 / 368241

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Uffe Delivers A 5 Track Ep Including Two Remixes That Set The Standard For A Promising Career. His Debut Ep On Pets Recordings 2012 Created Quite A Bit Of Hype And The Track When The Sun Rose Appeared In Various High Profile Dj Charts...
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On a global dance music scene where genre tags seem
increasingly irrelevant and everyone seems occupied with
evading them by chasing ‘eclectisism’, the sound of
Amsterdam-based up-and-coming producer Uffe
Christensen AKA Uffe is that rare thing; a listening
experience, which it would only be fair to call a breath of
fresh air. Using carefully considered musical elements and
song, the native Dane has concocted a singular brew of
electronic music that baffles the mind and moves the rear.
It’s sample-based, house- and techno-inspired pop music,
music that challenges you to participate and get involved
and music that’s invigoratingly breathless, quietly intense
and very uniquely Uffe.
The opening track “Something Wrong” is a track fuelled by
Rhodes melody and a full-on funky bass line. O.P.T
delivers a tough as nails remix resembling early
Underworld with a splash of New Jersey house circa 1992.
“Turbulence” is an odd little treat featuring a deaf male
choir and vocals by Uffe himself. Daniel Brandt of Brandt
Brauer Frick and Emil Margetli Nyholm of Muff Deep
delivers a 99 BPM dub odyssey with live drums, piano and
complimentary synth fuzz.
Finally, the last track “Fist Fight” showcases Uffe’s allround
talent and cements his name as one to watch in
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