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Grow Vinyl / Grow008

Front View : The Marx Trukker - HEAVENS CRACKLING (VINYL ONLY) - Grow Vinyl / Grow008
Back View : The Marx Trukker - HEAVENS CRACKLING (VINYL ONLY) - Grow Vinyl / Grow008

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Moscow label Grow continues in fine creative form, seemingly not sticking to a motive or trend but rather concentrating on the strength of character within the music it releases. For the labels eighth release the artist is Berlin based The Marx Trukker, who over the last 10 years has been developing his very distinct sound and recent output on labels like Pluie/Noir, The Untold Stories, and most recently Noorden, have all been especially impressive. Now on Grow comes the 4 track Vinyl * Heavens Crackling*, from the title one is expecting something awesome, and the album does not disappoint, right from the off, the first track: * A time well spent*, begins with celestial tones ringing out and the performance develops with great synth work, enlightened and very enlivening, spring is in step and something is beginning. The record continues at such a level throughout, overflowing with rich tones, warmth, and raw sounding percussion. In the second track, * All the boating still a tide to go*, deep warm bass and strings reverberate, as if amidst a hot harbours summer, then the ethereal synths return as magical breezes of cooling wind on a June day. On the Bside comes the title track * Heavens Crackling*, the tone has cooled, there is an autumnal vibe, extended tones of an eerie but reassuring nature provide the ground, from under which a molten bass flows playfully. The final track, * I do anything but its so cold*, as the title would suggest, again time has passed, gone are the warm relaxed echoes of the the opening tracks, winter has come, and a strong percussive energy becomes the driving force of an especially deep and more introverted last track. In Heavens Crackling there is an uncanny understanding of time passing and representation of being, its present in the patience and performance within every track, and the effect of the Album, which seems, like the seasons, to naturally come full circle, is for the listener indeed to experience a time well spent. Top marks for The Marx Trukker!

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