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Questions And Answers / QACD006

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Mix The Verspielheit Of Mgmt. The Darkness At Zola Jesus. The Groove Of The Whitest Boy Alive Put Atop Of Morricones Or Calexicos Shimmering Desert Landscapes And Around That Certain Sexyness And Lasciviciousness That Remind On The Chromatics Or Glass Candys Of This World. This Is The Building. A Trio From Hamburg. Based Around The Fabled Drummer Sven Elsner (ex Tigerbeat) . As Well As Writer And Singer Daniel Chun And Pianist And Second Lead Vocalist Tina Kaempe.
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In this Building there is no ex- nor interior, it comes from within and in 2 fully different tonal structures. As a double release with the same songs, in different Versions and on two labels. November 1st. On Clouds Hill (part 1) and Questions & Answers (part2). Architects that need their fixed floorplan might call it a “folk-rock album", b “Electro-album". But that´s only “half the rent” – Building the Building means ethereal spaces, oscillating sound places, seen on fragile CinemaScope. Actual meta-Pop including the right bit of enigma, and that’s already more than most other German bands are “built” on.
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