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The Legendary Act TERRANOVA return with an explosive new album. bridging modern pop and classic house like never before !!
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He doesn't like treading on well-known grounds: Fetisch witnessed the beginnings of club culture, and he was there when House and Techno started to blossom. As an early adopter, he simply doesn't see the benefit of rehashing what has gone before, but wants to move forward, seizing the future he was promised in the days of yore by the likes of Larry Levan, Grandmaster Flash, Ron Hardy or Lee Perry. Whether teen punk, Hip Hop's first European trainee or House DJ in the most legendary booths of the late 80es, Fetisch inhaled the glamour of the night and learned the tricks of the trade from those who knew it best. Originally conceived in 1996, Terranova became Fetisch's go-to project to explore new club territory and collaborate with like-minded people, building his own cult following ever since. KOMPAKT truly feels honored to be the home to an artist drawing on such a rich background in club culture, especially with new album HOTEL AMOUR being readied for actual world dominance. But whoever wants to conquer the world has to get there first. With much of the album's ideas conceived on a night train between Berlin and Paris (Fetisch's second home), these tracks certainly share their creators' wanderlust, never settling in one place, but staying eager with new rhythmic landscapes (and hotel rooms). Together with Berlin's house staple and Terranova fellow &ME (a member of the act since 2007), they pours new wine in the old bottles of dance's dramaturgy, respecting he formula, but not necessarily sticking to it. Heavy bouncing bassdrums fuse with juicy synths, high-precision sequencing rules the frequency range, and an armada of guest vocalists bring their own brand of seduction to the fore: Whomadewho's Thomas Hoffding, husky-voiced Billie Ray Martin, eternal globetrotter Snax, German underground celebrity Udo Kier, acclaimed actress Nicolette Krebitz as well as the one and only Khan, all lend their voices to the album. Their tale is equally one of excessive hope, fragile glamour and the crippled beauty of the downfall, but above all it is concerned with unconditional love for the music. Like German grandmaster Westbam once said: We never stop living this way.
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